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The program will also open a Web page encouraging users to buy it every time the program is closed. We recommend this program with reservations; it does produce birth charts, but all the advertising and nagging are major drawbacks. MB Astrology Birth Chart Software is an astrology birth chart generator software based on the principles of western astrology and Vedic astrology.

This program tells us in detail the accurate astronomical locations of planets at the time of an individual's birth. Using the information that your birth chart gives, Western and Vedic Astrology can forecast all important incidents and probable opportunities that can arise in your life. MB or Mystic Board software requires you to register at their site before you can use their software for free.

You have to give them lots of personal info and use their forum, then you get a registration code.

MB wants people to visit their website, I get that, but their methods are terrible. It feels like a cult. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

Download Sinhala Astrology Pro APK latest version for android devices

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview Review User Reviews Specs. What do you need to know about free software? Explore Further. Publisher's Description.

Horoscope Making | Horoscope Reading | Horoscope Matching

Some times are certain and steady time while some have time periods. These every times belongs to some planets. Astrology use birth chart to determine such times. When some born, he got Nakath as same as birth chart. It is called as Birth Nakath.

Basic of the Sri Lankan Traditional Astrology

Also his or her birth chart, every planet have own nakath times. Cause moon is the best planet for determine nakath or best times. Moon represent lower mind while sun represent upper mind. This both minds help to make success our works. If you are trust about nakath times it is good you use such good times from good Astrologer. It is tell any bad times can destroy by start work with rising sun and stop with sun down. Also your istha devata or your liked gods or goddesses can help you to success your works.

Lord Buddha said seen Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha or listen to Dhamma talks are most auspicious times to Buddhist person. Here are main sinhala nakaths. Also nakaths are very important in matching for marry. It only gives mind suggestion that it has possibility to success. To success some task we need clear plan, good maintaining, good management skills, positive mind and steady courage.

Dream Analysis and Istha Devathas People see dreams every night. Some dreams saw cause of our loss life goals, some dreams see with sicknesses or climate changes. But Astrological Dreams see after mid night between 1am to 6am. These dreams tell by gods or inhuman creatures such as hungry ghosts or devils, who are friendly with you.

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They make you saw dreams about your future plans, coming troubles, new ideas and remedy for current problems. Some times our own mind power make show us dream about our future according to our past life kamma forces. Our past lives relations and friends who did more merit might born as gods or goddesses. Those are seen us, help us by telling our future troubles in dream. We had met lot of people who saw ishtha devata in dream. Some are seen as dead relations as they stayed way or normal cloths in when they stay with us before their deaths. Some are seen as white cloths, white radiation, sometimes from only mind sound, rare times wearing cloths of luminous colors of yellow, pink, orange, blue, light green, with flowers in head.

From our birth chart we can see that we can encounter helping from ishtha devathas. Our experinces say sometime istha devathas help even we live in another countries. When we face some problems in near future, they show it as : dirty or uncanny water in dream, burn out Buddha lamp not dream , white snakes not dream , etc Good things saw as white clean water, trees of full of fruits or flowers in dream, meet good friends in real life, etc This powers can be intend to positive or negative sides. It means gods are like these sounds. Word "Saroga" consider as such positive words.

Also such sounds can destroy properties of family members. Below have such poem which has lot of positive sounds. Sometimes such mantra with sounds of gods uses to invite gods. Saying these mantras or recall these mantras help to get attraction of relevent gods. These are called as inviting mantras.

Districtwise Grooms

Those are called as Deva Aradana or Deva Namaskara gahthas. This mantras have first two or three sentences which described about power of gods, his duties then final sentence invites to come into flower sheets. People build flower sheets of chair for gods when they invite gods. This is called as Mal Asana. You can say such mantra after deve puja.

We can remove our pains from chanting such kind of gatha in temple, under the Bodi tree and some Devalas. It will bless to you, your family, house, can remove lot of sicknesses and can success all of your works. Below Buddhist gatha or Buddhist mantra, can be used to remove any problem in your life. It is said as all Buddha's gatha. For get more results you must say this gatha times at morning 5am to 7am or 6pm to 8pm.

In this case some mantra gewan into object then invite some ghost, devil or gods to show related problem via that object. Sometimes customer's lower mind connect with collyriums then get details. Then Astrologer or other person can seen all things lively via Collyriums. Every person cant see via Collyrium but this is art so need to develop mind for it. This is like divine eye. In Sri Lanka this is called as watch Anjanam. When use candle, lamp, crystal or glass, it is called light reading. This is the best way to cure our problems via Astrology. Those are called as Amulets Yantras.

For enter power of such mantra, firstly we must make amulet live for some time. This time can be two weeks to life long. This actions is called as make Gewam or make powerful. Gewan means chant that gathas or mantras in some times continually such as times, times or 10, times. For clean the amulet, we must gewan it with powerful mantras of free from dirty factors. Cause power of triple gem, any dirty factors can remove.

There are many who claim ability to predict the market's fluctuations i. This is not to say that there are no astrologers who can predict market fluctuations--just that one must be careful, especially when it comes to investing big money. What most people, including some astrologers, do not realize is that the personal chart contains information about one's financial success or failure; therefore all the "hot tips" in the world will not help one whose karma is not to be wealthy in this life.


Better than going to someone who claims to know how the market will turn, and then investing accordingly, is to consult a good astrologer to have one's own chart read, to see what economic opportunities reside in the future. If from one's chart it is seen that finance and fortune shines brightly, then one can safely invest in anything according to his inspiration, and most particularly in those items found via the chart to be lucky. Another derivative of natal astrology is medical astrology.

While much medical information can be acquired through natal astrology, i. Medical astrology is actually strictly the domain of Ayurvedic physicians, who have the natural ability to thoroughly study so many medical cases. Medical astrology is the full-blown investigation and diagnosis of medical problems thorough the horoscope. It was once very much in vogue. Even today in India, Ayurvedic doctors are urged to study astrology.

However the difficulty is that to properly practice medical astrology one must be a qualified physician. It is a valuable tool of the astrologer-physician, but few astrologers fall into this category. Ayurvedic physicians choose auspicious times for performing surgery or beginning a regimen of treatment Example: Since the moon rules over fluids, it is considered very undesirable to have surgery closer to the full-moon day, because of the tendency for excessive loss of fluid and danger of heavy bleeding.

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Have you ever wondered if life would be different in another city or state, or even another country or continent? Well before you pack up your bags for Melbourne or Toronto, check with your Vedic astrologer. On the basis of your natal chart plus other methods specific to relocation astrology, he can advise you where it is best to live. The normal method that Dr Theja uses is too general.

First, he uses a computer program to generate a map of the world with planetary lines on them based on the birth chart. Then, by analyzing the chart he determines which lines are most favourable. This is the more general approach, and it is useful in analyzing large geographical regions.