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  3. The Manifestation of Value: the Venus Saturn Connection
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  5. The Manifestation of Value: the Venus Saturn Connection - Monarch Astrology

Astrology Newsletter September 2013: Venus in Libra, Saturn and Rahu, Virgo Sun

If it is what you want, then you can experience lasting enjoyment. Happiness often is muted during this cycle, but what you experience usually has a significant impact. Whatever areas of your life lack gratification may become more noticeable, and making adjustments is often appropriate. You generally don? While you tend to seek your pleasure with others, you can prefer being alone where you enjoy the deep connection that solitude can bring.

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If you have overcommitted your resources, money issues can emerge now as this period can contract what you have. Getting your finances in order can benefit you, as you generally are capable of organizing that area of your life. Financial decisions that you make now can have a long-term effect.

This is an excellent time to plan for future material well-being, and a minimum contribution to fund it can help to ensure future benefit. If you begin now, you likely will stay the course. You typically appreciate things of lasting value, and you can choose your purchases wisely.

The Manifestation of Value: the Venus Saturn Connection

Your tastes tend to run more traditional than usual, or at least practicality may motivate you to buy. Aesthetic appreciation can become more focused during this interval, and if you employ art as a means of livelihood or self-expression, you can apply yourself with greater effort now. Deepening your relationship to beauty whether you are an artist or not can bring you in touch with the enduring qualities that pleasing form and design demonstrate.

You can use this time to realize the symmetry that underlies your existence, as patterns often become more recognizable.

Seeing how certain elements of your life fit together can bring you peace and greater stability. Try to accept what you see and feel without judgment so that you can perceive their rightful place in the tapestry of your life. Transit Saturn Conjunct Venus The events of this year will test the way you relate to other people and the viability of certain relationships in your life.

Which sign is that planet in right now?

Your basic need to reach out to others is more inhibited now, and you tend to be more critical when evaluating the role that they play in your life. You may also initiate a new relationship, personal or professional, that will have a profound effect on your personal development whether or not it continues after this year. This is a year to be more conservative with your money and not look for quick returns or shortcuts. This period of time will also stimulate your creativity and you can give solid form to your creative vision.

You may especially enjoy mediums that require precision and form, such as sculpture, pottery or graphic art. What others are Saying about us. Good News and Positive results may take some time before they start reflecting but they are definitely on their way for the native.

During these Sub-Periods, any of the long-due dreams of the native may also come true. Also, during these Sub-Periods especially the Saturn Sub-Period improves the spiritual life of the native as well.

The Manifestation of Value: the Venus Saturn Connection - Monarch Astrology

Saturn Sub-Period can create new opportunities where the native might get to meet someone famous from the spiritual world or background or the native may also go on a spiritual journey. In these beneficial results, Venus and Saturn both need to be well placed. Otherwise, the result may not come in favor of the native. Also, the placement of Saturn and Venus in a moon sign and what is the ascendant for the sign also decides the nature of the results for Saturn-Venus and Venus-Saturn Sub —Periods and Main Periods.

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