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People call me Sateesh. Facing severe financial problems since 2 yrs so pls suggest me name correction. My wife Full name is Alekya Dudyala. Jan 19, Rating change my name according to numerology NEW by: shaik azampasha hi,my name is shaik azampasha,my dob is Now i'm struggling too much in my life.

Prakash chand Dob Wanna replace name to pankaj kuamr As prakash iz only documentary name while i all know me through Pankaj Plz suggest me. Oct 11, Rating Is there any prbLm wid my name please correct my name n i wnt to change my fatemy..


Abhinav Name meanings English Hindi Abhinav Rashi Nakshatra

I am nagaraju. Can u please help me if name correction is required.. Please let me know if there should be any correction in my name as per numerology. Aug 26, Rating This is the best of all the numerology sites. NEW by: Rudransh arora Please change the name of the kid the name does not suit him in his studies. Dob 8 march Thanks full to you.

Pls check whether my name is suitable for me or net pls help me. My birth date I am getting per month as salary. Can you advise me whether to change my name so that I can be financially stronger. Best regards, D. We do not change the name rather make some correction and help to people to bring fortunate in their life and get success.

You may contact to avail this effective services at this number I'm making debute into film industry. So I want to change my name as per Numerology with good success. So please suggest me good name sir with bright future.

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Thank you sir. The details of my is mentioned below for your reference. May 13, Rating Hi Date of Birth Place-Nellore Plz currection my name.. My mail id is ramesh. My dob is Hemant Chugh according to numerology shall i make any changes to my name? Jan 27, Rating chnage in name NEW by: Anonymous my name is maheshwari am not understanding whether to use maheswari or maheshwari accoring to choose me the best name. Jan 03, Rating Name change request NEW by: Anonymous Hi, I am looking for your support to change my name, I hope it will gives me some positive changes in my life. My mail id is vijaysrinivas.

Dec 23, Rating suggest me NEW by: harikrishna sir, am doing water treatment systems bussiness with firm name sri hari aqua tech. All Rights Reserved. Contents are given in good faith with out any warranty. Marriage Numerology Name Numbers No. Oct 05, Rating. Do I change my Intial name by: Vijay Sharma Sir, Please suggest whether i should change my name from Vijay to Viijay since its a 6 Alphabet number 6 i have heard a lot about 6 , i want to change my life to a better.

Sep 07, Rating. Sep 03, Rating. Jun 16, Rating. May 06, Rating. Mar 09, Rating. Numerology for my name NEW by: G. Jan 26, Rating. Aug 21, Rating. Jun 24, Rating. May 08, Rating.

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Apr 06, Rating. Change of the name NEW by: lavanya pathuri Without idea simply we kept the name for my girl Mar 13, Rating. I want change my name or spelling change in my so i deserve more good result NEW by: Ankurkumar Chaudhari my luck very late giving any thing to compare to other person so i was change my name change the spelling of my so i gate good result Feb 21, Rating.

Feb 11, Rating. Feb 05, Rating. Jan 28, Rating. Jan 17, Rating. Jan 10, Rating. Jan 09, Rating. Nov 24, Rating. Nov 19, Rating. Nov 16, Rating. Nov 05, Rating. Nov 02, Rating. Oct 24, Rating. Oct 03, Rating. Sep 16, Rating. Can I change my name plz suggest me. Sep 06, Rating. Aug 16, Rating. Aug 07, Rating. Jul 21, Rating. Jul 11, Rating. Jun 28, Rating. Jun 20, Rating. Weather there is any corrections in my name?

Jun 14, Rating. I want to change my name NEW by: Praveen. Jun 13, Rating. May 30, Rating. Apr 29, Rating. Name change required for goods success in life in bussiness NEW by: Srinath k y I want to change my name for getting best results in my garage two wheeler repair business can u please do it for me as per numerology. Apr 27, Rating. Apr 23, Rating. Name correction NEW by: Gagan.

Apr 22, Rating. Apr 17, Rating. Apr 08, Rating. Apr 03, Rating. I want to change my name as per numerology NEW by: sravana sandhya This is sravana sandhya all are call me as sravani D. I want to change my name as per numerology NEW by: sravana sandhya Hai sir this is sravana sandhya all Are call me as sravani plz suggest me my name as per numerology. Mar 29, Rating.

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Mar 21, Rating. Mar 19, Rating.

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Mar 16, Rating. Feb 27, Rating. Feb 14, Rating. Is this name change lucky? Feb 12, Rating. Need a different spelling of my name that can b lucky for me NEW by: Poonam Hey, it's Poonam m looking for some good thing in my life please let me what spelling will good for me. Jan 30, Rating. Help change name.

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    Dec 30, Rating. Send about samikshaa to the email jsscools gmail. Suggests the name given below NEW by: Jyothi Dob name samikshaa but in certificate samiksha. Suggests the name NEW by: Jyothi My daughter dob we are calling her samikshaa but in certificate samiksha. Suggests the name NEW by: Samikshaa email-jsscools gmail. Dec 16, Rating. Dec 14, Rating. Dec 12, Rating. Dec 03, Rating.

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    4. Name to my new born boy baby NEW by: Anonymous my son born on oct 15 and Nov 23, Rating. Nov 10, Rating. Oct 30, Rating. Oct 22, Rating. Oct 13, Rating. Sep 27, Rating. Sep 23, Rating. Can I change my name? Sep 17, Rating. Sep 09, Rating. Name Change? Sep 02, Rating. Aug 31, Rating. Aug 25, Rating. Aug 22, Rating. Aug 18, Rating. Marriage NEW by: Rajini hi sir im having problem with delay marriage..

      Aug 15, Rating. Change my name NEW by: Gousepeer shaik Hi sir I am gousepeer shaik dob please chance to change my name with numorolgi, I have lose everything, I am always fail to any work, so please send me my name change deatailes email id- g. Aug 14, Rating. Aug 13, Rating. Aug 02, Rating. Jul 30, Rating. Jul 15, Rating. Jul 06, Rating. Jun 04, Rating. May 27, Rating. I should change spelling of my name? May 23, Rating. May 19, Rating. May 18, Rating. May 17, Rating. May 13, Rating. May 09, Rating. May 01, Rating. Apr 28, Rating. Apr 25, Rating. Apr 20, Rating.

      Apr 18, Rating. Apr 16, Rating. Apr 14, Rating. Apr 12, Rating.

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      Apr 10, Rating. Apr 05, Rating. Apr 01, Rating. Mar 31, Rating. Mar 28, Rating. Mar 23, Rating. Mar 14, Rating. Name correction NEW by: s. Mar 08, Rating. Numerology name NEW by: Anonymous My brother's official name is "Saaras bhat" everyone in school and friends call him saaras.. Mar 05, Rating. Mar 04, Rating. Mar 03, Rating. Mar 02, Rating. Mar 01, Rating. Feb 25, Rating. Feb 23, Rating.

      Feb 22, Rating. Feb 17, Rating. Feb 16, Rating. Feb 15, Rating. Feb 04, Rating. Jan 19, Rating. Jan 15, Rating. Jan 03, Rating. Nov 18, Rating. Nov 17, Rating. Oct 26, Rating. Oct 18, Rating. Oct 15, Rating. Oct 14, Rating. Oct 11, Rating. Is there any prbLm wid my name please correct my name n i wnt to change my fatemy..

      Oct 08, Rating. Sep 22, Rating. Meaning of Abhinav. Did you find the numerology meaning of the name Abhinav?

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