Numerology 11 day meaning

The Meaning of 11/2

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  2. The Meaning of 11 |
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But your life stands more as an example for others, rather than for sustained or orderly leadership. You prefer to let people take up their own struggles once you have helped point the way, rather than be directly involved in the day-to-day activities of leadership.

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You have a great deal of determination. Once you set your mind on your goal, you will devote yourself entirely to it.

Your sensitivity, however, makes your life a bit bumpy at times. You are highly aware of what others think, and, whether you care to admit it or not, the thoughts of others matter to you. You must work hard to maintain your own center in the emotional storms you encounter.

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You work well with others, often inspiring them by your example and your idealism. You do not do well in the business world, except perhaps in the role of advisor.

The Meaning of 11 |

Your mind works intuitively, rather than rationally. Your thoughts and actions tend to be dramatic. You explore and solve problems mainly through intuition. You are compassionate, wise, influential, artistic, magnetic, humanitarian, unconditionally loving, courageous, trusting, can penetrate to the heart of a situation, generous, creative, charitable, idealistic, romantic, want to make a difference in the world, set an example to others, magnetic, empathetic.

Guard against not listening, being a perfectionist yourself and holding others to standards of perfection , indifferent, resentful, cautious, gullible, over-emotional, tense, aimless, depressed, easily used by others.

The Theory Behind 11:11

Every person is wired differently. Just like every snowflake carries a unique imprint, so does every human being, every soul. Your day of birth vibration is the first step towards understanding how you are uniquely designed to experience, explore and manifest your divine mission. Everyone has an independent way of expressing their innate way of creating joy! By taking ownership of the divine gifts revealed in your birth code, you start making conscious choices that elevate your vibration higher and higher.

How The Spiritual Meaning Of Nov. 11 Will Give Us All A Chance To Cleanse & Reset

Awareness of your code comes first. Action corresponding to your code follows. Consistent positive breakthroughs automatically appear when you celebrate who you truly are every day, when you consistently set clear intentions that are for your highest good and when your goals are in alignment with your soul purpose in this lifetime. Hormones play a role in depression, but hormones don't I've written a lot about the effects that the Saturn-Pluto Every number and every letter emit a unique vibration and carries a specific meaning.

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