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They are here to give the love while at the same time pushing themselves to be too rational to even recognize it. Stuck somewhere halfway, they might miss too many opportunities because of overthinking, or make many of their adventures too static to actually enjoy them. Mercury is standing here for the other Mercury to talk to it, and the obvious fact is that communication makes a large part of life for those born on May 15th. They will feel the need to connect to their social circle and make contacts that might not have as much depth as they are useful.

Practical and capable to make really anything with their own two hands, such intelligent individuals know how to ground any idea that comes to mind. Still, they can get distant from emotions that come natural to every Taurus, think too much and have too many parallel experiences in all areas of life. In search for the right helping hand and right information, they often lose their true sense of mission and their natural sensitivity.

Coming down to number 11, we must recognize the need for opposition and liberation they carry within. The Sun is supposed to connect with Mercury through healthy expression of their ultimate individuality, however different or strange it might be to other people. It is the story of two different characters finding a language to share, special and Universal, however different in their core. The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 15th in two years preceding a leap year:. The Sabian symbol for Taurus representatives born on May 15th in a leap year and a year following it:.

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These Sabian symbols speak of nature, along with the human instinctive nature pushing us into aggressive choices. It is a story of the place we need to find, destructive or creative, depending on the approach and width of perspective. While the rider is brave and confidently rides forwards, the park is there as a legacy and something to stay there for generations to enjoy. The two need to be connected in order for a person to find a way to express through creative work and a legacy they will leave behind.

Once they have dealt with their ego and the way they are to express their individuality, people born on May 15th discover their heart to be the main focus point they should strive for. The purpose of their entire existence comes down to the cleansing of emotions in their family tree, and they will often feel the inner struggle between emotion and reason holding them down. They need to find compassion and the point of true connecting with another human being, building the love and the closeness their Sun sign truly desires.

When we look at the Sabian symbols and the planetary row of a person born on May 15th, we might presume that they are these "super-humans", rational and practical to the bone.

Sabian Symbol

Still, their true striving hides in their emotional world and the element of Water, and they need to work on their feelings every step of the way. They will have several significant bonds in their life and some of them even at the same time. Their relationships will be quite reasonable though, filled with conversations and important information shared, and they need someone to help them hold on to the sense of magic in life instead of sinking too deep into the practical element of Earth they reside in.

When we speak of talents of people born on May 15th, we must recognize that doubled image of Mercury in their planetary row. We can presume that they will excel in writing and communication, all things related to paperwork and smaller fix-ups and calculations. This period overlaps with a short but severe recession that hit the US between July and ended in November In fact, that date nicely matches with October 24 that marked the beginning of Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

The prime interest rate skyrocketed to For comparison, as of December , the rate is 5. The peak of the recession happened during November — December — notice that it also neatly overlaps with exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on November 8, The unemployment rate reached Even after the recession had been officially reversed, the longer term unemployment rates continued to batter the US and the UK economies.

The previous conjunction unfolded through Libra and moved into Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Pluto. The fact that Saturn and Pluto are not only conjunct but also parallel with a 0.

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Remember, parallels act as mini-conjunctions, contra-parallels act as a mini-oppositions. On Jan 12, , Saturn and Pluto will be at visual distance of less that your thumb as seen when an arm is outstretched towards the sky. If a shakeup will happen though, one may intuit that having both planets in the Saturnian sign of Capricorn could result in a breakup at the level of structures.

The economical situation obviously comes to mind as a possible candidate to be tested by this conjunction. We all know that while unemployment is reportedly low at least on paper and the economy growth numbers are generally very good:. The recent instability of the stock market is one of the ongoing symptoms of deeper systemic problems that the society will have to tackle in order to evolve.

Saturn is the ruler of systems, by the way. This article essentially raises the question of probability of an event that is dependent on the previous actions of humans that either exaggerate or mitigate the risks. Read on…. Learn how to discover the timing of Saturn — Pluto conjunction using the Chart Event Explorer tool that is an integral part of Time Nomad astrological app. Chart Event Explorer allows to instantly reveal and explore nearly any astrological event:.

My response from reading Time Nomad Blog and announcement gets even more awesome with each new post! Thank you for publishing a truly great read with incredible insight. With recent unintentional deletion of unique celestial identities saved, fascinating features available amaze me and encorage me to start over! Thank you for this app and the blog. A genuine thank you! Hey there, I would like to discuss with you the repeating 60 numbers from the Fibonacci sequence which defines the zodiac. Must take he last digit of each sequential number i.

It then repeats exactly.

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Claudio this is so intriguing what you wrote. How did you start to study Fibonacci numbers? And has studying the numbers and sequence assisted you somehow in your life? Just wondering. Hi Janel, It is very intriguing. Further from there I see so much more. Once realizing the golden ratio is a part of everything, I can now witness and predict with some degree of accuracy weather both external and internal. Golden ratio aspects in astrology are more important than western astrology realizes. The quintile and bi-quintile are considered minor aspects which in fact are golden. Venus and Eris are key as they are fundamentally golden with the 3 golden triangle making the penta star.

This is the DaVinci code… Peace and Cheers. I see the number 3 as being very important. All these numbers numerological divisible by three. All important numbers in my life including birthdate reduce to 3. Worked in architecture so golden triangle fascinates as does Venus star pattern. Thank you for the reminder. Just have to be aware. Peace and Cheers! I see 13, 33, all the time.

Everyday theses numbers show themselves to me. I was born October 13, at in the morning. What does this mean? Is a higher power using numbers to communicate with us? These are angel numbers, the more you are in tune with them the more you will see.

Products By Capricorn (december 22 To January 19) Astrological Sign

It gets better, animals, insects will also who you the way. I use the following. The next U. Presidential inauguration is January 20th, This will be interesting. Exciting time for the world and for me personally I suppose. With Mercury in 24, Sun in 27 and Moon in 28 degree Capricorn.

Your Daily Astrology

Plus, ASC in 5 degree Aquarius. A bit nervous but also excited. What planet is that? Good point, thank you, have mistaken the federal funds rate 2. Correction made. Saturn Pluto in libra conjuncts my MC and Saturn is my chart ruler. Do you think I will have a constant issue with career and authority figures. Saturn is ruler of first house and pluto of 11th in my chart. Problems with authority mostly come from Uranus. Progress in career will require some faster moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars that always benefit from help of Jupiter. Saturn may get one stuck in a certain configuration for longer than needed.

Pluto brings implosions and the need for transformation.

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Saturn-Pluto is a really good topic for a blog post and I may write one. In regards to your chart, look for aspects.

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  • The question is what is your Pluto is aspected with. That will give you some ideas as to how the energies will flow. Hard to tell more without seeing the whole chart. Two planets never paint the big picture. My advice is to analyse the aspects! Hi Time Nomad, Pluto sextiles neptune ruler of 3rd in the 12th house. Conjuncts Saturn and MC and widely conjuncts sun and Venus as well pluto at 26, saturn 24, mc 22, sun 20, Venus 15 deg of libra Uranus that rules 2nd is in 11th house.. This does not bode well for longevity in a job. It certainly impacts how the person does things in their professional life.

    Neptune in the 12th can signify both spiritual tendencies or mystic abilities but Neptune is tricky to handle well due to its nebulosity, read more on that here. Uranus in the 11th may manifest itself in unconventional and possibly eccentric friends. Uranus likes changes and social agendas, one may find more engagement in projects oriented towards social good, especially knowing that Neptune in the 12th.

    A much better handle is dealing with the Sun-Saturn conjunction.