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Add to wishlist. Yodha daily horoscope app is a day to day insight into what zodiac signs have in store for you. Once you set a date of birth, horoscopes made by a team of astrologers will be available anytime on the go. Why do people like the Yodha app? Every morning, Vedic astrologers in Nepal prepare new predictions. With reminders, a daily dose of inspiration from the Universe for your love life, personal growth, relationships, education, career, and fortune is never missed.

Plus all content is free of charge. Why are horoscopes accurate? Our daily horoscopes are the product of the synergy between the ancient Vedic astrology wisdom and modern astrological knowledge. With an in-depth analysis of the astronomical data, astrology connects people with their human design. People born under the same zodiac sign are found to be influenced by planets in a similar way. Their horoscope by date of birth holds the key to personality and life path.

It highlights natural strengths, love compatibility, innate talents. Once you try, you will find out how accurate it is for you. I offer these as a general guideline only. However, it may be more relevant when the individuals involved are Mercurial by nature, or have Mercury in the 7th house indicating that Mercury is especially important in relationships to that particular person. Perhaps for a Mercurial person, it should be assigned more weight.

There are other factors that are important that are not listed here.

The Role of Synastry

Note: You do not have to actually tally up points. The points definitely help in that they assign relative weights to different factors, but another way of approaching this system is to take note of how many positions fall in each category. Note the following:. Remember that some categories will be counted twice, when couples have similar aspects or positions going both ways.

For example, my Sun might sextile your Mars, and your Sun might trine my Mars. Therefore we get 3 points two times over. This list is provided twice, in two different ways. The first list organizes the aspects and positions by weight, and the second list is one that is arranged more intuitively so that it is easier to use if you are going to actually tally up scores.

Some of the items are clickable for an interpretation. Sun square Sun -2 Sun square or opposition Mars -2 Sun conjunct, square or opposition Saturn -2 Sun conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Sun square or opposition Pluto -2 Sun square Ascendant -2 Moon square or opposition Mercury -2 Moon opposition Mars -2 Moon square or opposition Uranus -2 Moon square Ascendant -2 Mercury opposition Mercury -2 Mercury square or opposition Mars -2 Mercury conjunct, square, or opposition Saturn -2 Venus square or opposition Uranus -2 Venus square or opposition Pluto -2 Mars square or opposition Mars -2 Mars square or opposition Uranus -2 Mars conjunct, square, or opposition Neptune -2 Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Ascendant -2 Saturn conjunct or opposition Vertex -2 Saturn conjunct or square Nodes of the Moon -2 Neptune conjunct Descendant, Ascendant, or Vertex -2 Ascendant square Ascendant Printer-Friendly version of the above categories.

Jupiter in aspect to Jupiter 2 Jupiter conjunct, sextile, or trine Saturn 1 Jupiter square or opposition Saturn -1 Jupiter in aspect to Uranus 1 Jupiter conjunct, sextile, or trine Neptune 1 Jupiter square or opposition Neptune -1 Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile Pluto 1 Jupiter square or opposition Pluto -1 Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant 2 Jupiter sextile, trine, or square Ascendant 1 Jupiter conjunct the Descendant 2 Jupiter conjunct or opposition the Vertex 2 Jupiter in aspect to the Nodes of the Moon 1 Jupiter in 7th house 2.

Saturn sextile or trine Saturn 1 Saturn square or opposition Saturn -1 Saturn conjunct, square or opposition Ascendant -2 Saturn sextile or trine Ascendant 1 Saturn conjunct or opposition Vertex -2 Saturn conjunct or square Nodes of the Moon Printer-friendly version of the above list of compatibility factors. One Weight 4, two Weight -4 factors.

Four Weight 4, one Weight -4 factors. No Weight 4 factors, one Weight -4 factor. The Lunar Return is a monthly chart calculated for the time when the Moon returns to the exact position it was in your natal chart. This happens every twenty-eight days; there are thirteen Lunar Returns in a year.

These charts mark the principal events of the month for which the return was produced. This report outlines possible events for that month and also gives some suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects. In some cases you will find contradictions; a planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite. This means that you could have two types of situations in the same month.

For example: a lover's quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case. The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this month's perspectives and to benefit from them using your free will. Note that the accuracy of these calculations depends much on how precisely your hour of birth is known. The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart.

That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun's return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return; from it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year; opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them. This means that you could have two types of situations during the year.

The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year's prospects and to learn from them using your free will. This astrological interpretation of transits to the Composite Chart is based on the assumption that the two people involved have a close ongoing relationship. As long as the people involved are a couple, transits to the composite chart will be an influence.

The closer the bond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Thus the interpretations will make the most sense if this is the primary relationship for both people. The progression of the planets as they continue their respective orbits into different signs and houses, and the aspects they form, are beyond our control.

But we DO have some control over how we handle these new influences, and how we let them affect our personality.

Venus enters Scorpio

Many techniques for following the development of man from birth through life have been devised and studied by Astrologers since about the second or third century BC. The technique used in this Report is called "Secondary Progressions". This system uses the "Day for a Year" process which appears to have been practiced since Ptolemy and Copernicus, and was supported by the German mathematician Johannes Kepler The system is implemented by choosing a specific birthday.

We then count a day for each year of your life, and cast a chart for the "progressed birthday". This report is about how you can heal your mind and body by being aware of the latent energies in your aura and making the best, most spiritual use of them. Your aura is a field of energy that permeates and surrounds your physical body.

It has seven special energy centers within it called chakras. Chakras are vortexes of energy, and they are the places in your aura where divine consciousness can come in and manifest in your physical body, especially if you are receptive to it and use your willpower to allow it to enter. Your aura also has three channels where the divine energy flows within your aura, and in yoga, these are called the ida, pingala and sushumna. The ida carries the life energy in the left side of your body.

The pingala carries it in the right side of your body. The sushumna, which is the most important, carries it in the middle of your spiritual column. The chakras are the places where the ida, pingala, and sushumna meet together. There is so much energy in these places that the energy whorls around as divine creative potential waiting as an ever-present resource to be manifested into physical form, so that we can bring healing life-force into our daily lives. To draw upon this infinite source of energy, we can use meditation, prayer, or affirmations. In this way, we transcend our everyday consciousness and become receptive to the healing power within us.

There are specific affirmations that can be used to direct the healing force to particular areas of the body. Often these affirmations are sufficient to address a particular condition, but sometimes a more specific focus is needed to get the energy to come through. That is because we may have subconscious blocks to allowing the affirmation to work, and these have to be identified and dissolved.

The blocks may be present because we have grown up in a culture that asserts mind-body duality, rather than mind-body unity. There may also be blocks because of individual karma from the past or individual lack of recognition of future possibilities. This is where astrology comes in - to identify any blocks you may have and to give you guidance as to how to dissolve them, so that you can become one with the Source and fulfill your divine purpose. This is helpful because the sushumna is located in the middle of your spinal column, and using the most specific affirmation possible should bring the healing light to the part that needs healing.

However, if there is a blockage at the unconscious level, it will manifest on the physical level in the form of a blockage in the energy of the physical spine. The tension from this will be observable, as one or more bones in the spine will be out of alignment and there will be various symptoms in the surrounding muscles, organs, or other parts of the body. This report then, is designed to give you insight into the nature of any such blockages that you may be likely to have as an individual.

The report also suggests ways of dissolving them and getting your own healing energy flowing. It will still depend on your own willpower whether you choose to use these new insights and how, in order to better your own health. This report neither diagnoses nor prescribes, but works on the subtler level of the astral aura, as described by astrology, to understand and potentially re-direct the energies before they manifest on the physical level, so that you may be in tune with the higher, spiritual purpose for which the energies are intended rather than have them manifest as any lack of vitality or health.

Romantic Compatibility Synastry Analysis in Astrology

This report is designed for those who are interested in tools which can support their own efforts toward growth and well-being on all levels. Using astrology, flower essences, gemstones and gem elixirs, color, music, aromatherapy, visualization, and other methods, one can transform difficult patterns in one's life and manifest more of one's positive potentials. Our emphasis is not so much on eliminating undesirable traits or experiences as on bringing one into balance so that the positive expression of one's astrological signature can manifest. A person who is essentially inward and shy and who has trouble making his way in the world will not become a dynamic, flamboyant world-conqueror, but he can build confidence in reaching out to others.

Rather than attempt to get rid of his shyness, the focus would be on discovering the positive gifts his gentleness may offer him and alleviating the more extreme, isolating aspects of his shy nature. Using these "vibrational" tools, issues that one may have struggled with for years can be eased, and long-buried talents and loves can be awakened. Many of the tools suggested herein, including astrology, work on what esotericists refer to as the energy bodies, the chakras, or the aura. This subtle energy field, which emanates from every living thing, is where our energetic and emotional habits, thought patterns, belief systems, and so on reside.

Introducing the energy pattern of a flower, plant, gem, or mineral into one's aura directly affects one's emotional and mental energies, and over a period of time this promotes long-lasting changes. The key factor in using any of these remedies or tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health. They are not "magic". Used consistently and with conscious intention, they reinforce and accelerate desired changes. In the back of this report is a listing of resources where you can obtain the flower essences and other products suggested for you.

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There are also other tips and instructions. As you read over your report you may see a number of areas that you would like to work with. There is a lot of information here and the possibilities can be very exciting! However, it is usually best to attend to one issue or cluster of related issues a theme at one time. Choose whichever one is most meaningful or troublesome to you at present.

Keep in mind that you will NOT manifest all of the potential imbalances mentioned.

Soulmate By Birthdate

Some issues may have already been resolved, and some will simply not be relevant. In deciding which issue to focus on, follow your intuition. Remember, too, that gentle, persistent effort is usually necessary in re-patterning and creating any real change. Best Wishes to You! The Saturn Report analyzes how Saturn functions in the birth chart in 7 year cycles when transiting Saturn is conjunct, square, or opposition natal Saturn throughout the lifetime.

By combining different charts into the analysis, the report is able to incorporate many different factors to produce an analysis that is accurate and meaningful. This report integrates three facets of astrology into one report. First it tells about the potential of Saturn as seen in the birth chart. Then it considers the milestones throughout the life when Saturn makes a square or opposition aspect to the natal Saturn. Third, it calculates and interprets the position of Saturn in the Saturn Return chart.

Many people are aware of the significance of the Saturn Return. Now you can provide an interpretation that tracks this important planet's influence from birth to the third Saturn return. At a glance you can see the shifting influence of Saturn as it transits, and also identify central influences for the coming cycle, as seen in the Saturn return chart. Solar Return by Art Poppe. Many Happy Returns This report is based on an astrological technique known as solar returns.

This report is a very comprehensive analysis of the solar return. The influences begin approximately on your birthday and last until the following birthday. A Solar Return is an exact moment when the Sun returns precisely to birth position after completing a full orbit rotation through the zodiac. Almost always the date that the Sun returns to its natal position is the same day as the birthday, or one day earlier, or one day later.

In very rare circumstances, it could occur 2 days earlier later.

Saturn's Role in Astrological Compatibility ⋆ Astromatcha

Midpoints analysis included: Midpoints are an astrological technique that became popular among astrologers in the latter half of the 20th century. They are very important in the solar return chart. This report describes the astrological influences that are in effect at a given location. It is very important to have a very accurate birth time when you purchase this report to get a very accurate result. We recommend selecting cities that are at least about miles kilometers apart because that astrological analysis of locations that are very close to each other will be very similar.

Locations that are at least several hundred miles apart will usually have some significantly different astrological influences. These reports can be referred to when planning vacations, visits, business traveling, or relocating. The Relocation Reports use aspects and 13 midpoint structures to the relocated Ascendant and Midheaven to derive the astrological interpretations.

Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. Combining the astrological analysis with good research on an area will help you identify the best places to vacation, conduct business, find friendships and romance, or to move permanently. It is worth creating this report for yourself or for your family, clients, and friends before planning to move or go on vacation.

In contrast to the older method of Synastry, the principle of Composite is to take two individual horoscopes to create a basis for a new single interpretation. Calculating a Composite this is done by finding the midpoints between the same planets in the birth charts of two people, such as the midpoint between his and her Sun. The ascendants are calculated the same way.

In theory, the two points should always lie opposite each other, because the calculations are based on a circle, the Zodiac. All the relevant points are determined by a visual estimation of the shorter distance "between" the planets. At this point the energies are stronger and therefore have a more intense expression. These method of calculating the energies between people has become popular with Astrologers. We hope you will study the report carefully from beginning to end. Try not to reject any statement -- not those you dislike, or even those you like. Note any statement with which you strongly agree or disagree, and mark it for later study.

Then add all statements which seem to contradict each other to the list. When you study the "contradictive" statements, try to determine if any of them might apply to you at a different time in your life, or in a different place. Then consider if the pair could combine and modify each other to produce an interpretation that does apply to you. Astrology is not judgmental -- it just IS.

It doesn't tell us what is "good" or "bad", it only tells us what the influences are. As astrologers, we give the most optimistic and positive interpretation to that information that we possibly can.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

However, it has been our experience that often the most valuable information we can get from an astrological report is the awareness of those obstacles and stresses which we need to overcome in order to be able to grow and to fulfill our lives according to our own individual value systems. The Natal Chart is like a blueprint of what your personality could be like if you made no personal decisions or changes at all. However, you have had "Free Will" at every twist and turn of your life to choose whether to accept things the way they were, or to change them. The choices you have already made could have modified the profile of the person you are today, but the astrological imprints from birth will always be with you to provide a strong base for your personality.

The Life Path Report offers a unique blending of the psychological, spiritual, and material plane potentials found in each individual horoscope. This report gives all planet in sign, planet in house and major aspects interpretations.

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